Even though I have thrown many parties in my day, I have never encountered a question like this one: Is it appropriate toalt for adults to have a bunch of bounce house rentals at one of their parties? My answer? It depends on the type of party, haha.

Just because society wants us to all act like adults, doesn’t mean we can’t let that go for a few hours just because we want to rent a bounce house or two for a party we’re throwing, and this is both my fun and professional sides speaking here. I mean, a birthday party may not be appropriate unless there will be kids there (because they would take over anyways, naturally,) but for get togethers and other kinds of parties, sure, why not rent a bounce house?

I bring this topic up because believe it or not, it’s a question that I have gotten more frequently in the past few months since bounce houses have started to become a bigger thing.

So what do I answer these people that have been asking me to rent them a bounce house for their party. Well, in the beginning I just thought the idea was plain crazy. I mean, think about it. Picture an adult party with a bunch of people bouncing around in a bouncie house. You would think that those things couldn’t support that much weight but as my clients informed me, there would just have to be less people bouncing at a time. From that point I decided hey, sounds like a fun idea, why not jump all over renting a bounce house. Haha, get it?

Anyways, as a party planner, I never imagined myself recommending that my adult clients rent bounce houses to play in. I have done plenty of these types of birthday parties for kids with bouncie houses and slides but never thought it would extend up to the adults. That’s pretty funny stuff, don’t you think.

So now that I have personally played on a couple of bounce houses myself, I would like to personally recommed that all adults give this a try at least once in their life. Even if they don’t decide to rent the inflatable for themselves, they should at least let their kids try it out as the feeling can be liberating. Adults, it can also make you feel like a kid again, and you can’t put a price on that. Speaking of price though, it doesn’t cost as much as it may seem to rent an inflatable for a couple of hours, and the best part is that the people you rent from generally come and set everything up and clean it up again, which as you can imagine makes my job a heck of a lot easier.



img credit: bouncelandfun.com

So you’re planning a surprise party and go figure, actually want it to be a surprise. This isn’t usually difficult, but you never know when something may pop up along the way and intervein. There are actually ways to semi prevent this from happening and in this article today I would like to dicuss them. But first I would like to share the story with you that inspired me to write on this subject in the first place.

Just a month ag my friend threw a surprise birthday party for her husband and the surprise ended up being ruined because she forgot to make sure he didn’t come home at his normal time, lol. My friend Sandy was so dissapointed at first but ended up laughing at her mistake. The point is that I was reminded of how important it is to cover your bases when throwing a surpise party so it actually stays a surprise. Here are 4 steps you can follow every time to make sure your surprise party is one of the best kept secrets of the year.

1.) The first and what some would consider to be the most important step, is to find an accomplice to plan a fake activity to distract the party person with until it’s time for the party to begin. Multiple people can take part in this and them more of a distraction you can make, the better.

This may be slightly difficult but I promise it can work, but try to make sure the guest of honor is dressed appropriately for the party. For example, don’t take them swimming and bring them back in a bikini or speedo. 🙂 I think you get what I’m saying.

2.) Next, you really want to emphasize the starting time of the party so that all guests can be in place for when the guest of honor shows up. It doens’t look good to be getting there late and running the risk of showing up at the same time as the guest of honor and throwing the whole thing off. The most optimal time for all guests to arrive is at least 30 minutes before. You never know when your guest and accomplices may show up early.

3.) Make sure your invitations specify that the party will be a surpise. You don’t want them saying anything to the guest of honor by mistake and spilling the secret.

4.) Finally, don’t overthink and stress yourself out. Surprise parties are supposed to be fun and you don’t want to take things so seriously that you are constantly fretting over whether or not it will go as planned.

And there you have it! I sure learned a lot from this surprise party and was actually relieved that as a professional party planner, I had no part in it at all.

I hope you can utilize these tips the next time you or a friend decide to plan a surprsie party. See you next time!

When you’re hosting a party at your home, everything has to look near perfect, right? Sometimes with all the planning, purchasing of party supplies and preparation it can be hard to find enough time to clean to your standards. Did you know it doesn’t have to take a maid or the help of your family to get the task done?

Thanks to the help of one of my fabulous new employees that used to work for herself as a house cleaner, I am now armed with a quick clean list that can help slash the time and potential money it can take to get your house fully clean and ready before your big night. Thanks again, Rita! For more detailed intel on cleaning your home you can still view her website here. Now let’s get into Rita’s suggestions for implementing this miracle cleaning plan.

The plan ranges through 7 days and lays out the tasks you need to complete in order.

Day #1: Form a Strategy

When you know exactly what needs to get done it can be a lot easier to get it done. Evaluate and make a list of everything that needs to be done before the day of the party. Walk through your home as though you we’re the guest so you can take a different approach to cleaning. Stand at different angles around each of your rooms and even outside of your home. This way you can get a better look at the cleanliness of your windows, front door, yard, etc.

The more detailed your list, the more detailed the clean.

Day #2: Brighten Up Your Home

Dive into the dirty work first by cleaning the inside and outside of your windows and doors. And don’t just stop at the Windex. Clean the creases for cobwebs and dust and if you have any doors that squeak, grab a can of WB-40 and take care of it. Now is also the time to sweep your porch and the pathway if you have one. Clear away any excess leaves or anything else that could potentially cause a guest to slip. If you have the time and/ or budget to hire a landscaper, trim up your plants, trees, or any other landscaping.

Moving on to brightening up the inside, toss your shower curtains in the washing machine if they aren’t looking clean and clear.

Day #3: Bathrooms

Without a doubt there will be many guests going in and out of your bathrooms, especially if there’s an open bar. 😉 This is a room you don’t want to leave anything out of.

Begin by scrubbing your toilet(s), showers, sink, shower, and/or bathtub until they shine. Make sure your counters are clear of clutter and looking sqeaky clean as well. You almost want it to look inviting. Last but certainly not least, make sure there will be enough toilet paper to make it through the entire party.

Day #4: Kitchen

Aside from the living room, the kitchen is where your guests will stand around and socialize and of course, eat so you want it to be extra clean. Start by cleaning all of your appliances and dusting if need be. Clean off your countertops the best that you can.

Now it’s time to clean out that refridgerator. Get rid of anything you no longer need and organize the remaining items so the unit doesn’t look so cluttered. If you’re serving food at the party you will need all the space you can get for storage and prepartation.

Day #5: Create a Comfortable Guest Space

You want your guest to be comfortable and have enough room to space out. Clear anything out of the area that is junk or simply doesn’t serve a purpose.

Clean any furniture, electronics, tables, and the floor space of the room you can the party focused in. Make sure your guests have a place to sit their drink and other belongings.

Day #6: Put on the Finishing Touches

Now is the time to tackle and dusting, sweeping or vacuming you need to do. Don’t forget the bookshelves, staircases, tables, chairs, desks, electronics, and well you get it.

This may be common sense but it’s best to dust before vacumming to ensure you get rid of the majority of it. Oh, and don’t forget the ceiling fans.

Day #7 : Now for Some Last Minute Touches

It’s the day of and you’re rockin and ready to go. This is the time you use some last minutes cleaners and vacuum over your floor one last time. After all, if you have kids it can be very difficult to keep your house clean.

Light candles, burn incense, add some flower arrangements, and get ready for your party begin.

I recently shared this cleaning plan with one of my frequent clients and her mind was blown away. It’s amazing what you can get done with a little planning and organization! Hopefully to can utilize this list as well and get your cleaning done in half the time. I l know I mentioned earlier in the post that you may not need any help from your family or friends, but the last advice I have to offer is to outsource the work to these guys if you can. The quicker you can get it done the better. Really though, the more people you have the more time can be spent on each of these tasks and they could have more detailed results.

Thanks guys! See you next time!

Yay for my first post!

So due to the fact that I’m a professional party planner, I thought it would be a cute idea to post a checklist to follow when planning a party, no matter what type it is. Whether it’s a Christmas, birthday, bachelorette, or again any other type of party you can think of, this list will serve you well as an assistant that will guide you along the way.

So here you go, a step-by-step list of what to do 2 months before your party all the way until 2 hours before.

2 Months

1.) Obviously, you want to decide on a date and place for your party.

If you have a hard time making decisons or change your mind easily, really take the time to plan this vital information so you don’t have to possibly spend more time and money re doing invitations and telling people alternative places to go.

2.) Choose a theme for your party. If you need some ideas to get your juices flowing, I suggest checking out Stylecaster.

3.) Decide on a budget includes an estimated cost of all of your supplies, within reason. You can do plenty of research online to get an idea of what your supplies will cost.

4.) Begin Brainstorming. Think of the type of food you want to serve, the decor, flowers, tables, arrangements, etc. Let your creativity flow by identifying unique and fun ideas that your guests will love.

3 Weeks Before

1.) Order the party favors you have narrowed down.

2.) Make sure you have enough supplies to cover the amount of guests you invited, plus their guests if you mentioned for them to invite any. For larger parties it’s usually best to rent your utensils and serving pieces.

3.) If you decided on any, order the flowers from your local florist. Grocery store floral departments sometimes have better deals, but possible lower quality work. Remember, it’s always best to do your research.

4.) Rent chairs, tables, and linens for the sufficient amount of guest invited.

5.) Probably the most important thing you have to do-mail or email the invitations.

2 Weeks Before

1.) Make a master shopping list. Now is the time to grab those last minute items and if you are doing the cooking, a master grocery list of the items you will need for your menu.

2.) If you’re doing the cooking, plan out the time it will take to make each dish to ensure that everything gets done on time.

3.) If possbile, go ahead and prepare your food items that can be kept frozen.

THE Week Before

1.) Many adult parties aren’t complete without the liquor. If you haven’t already done it, obtain wine, beer, and/or liquor for your guest to sip on and enjoy. If you really want a crowd pleaser, throw in a small survery with your invitation and have them return it when the RSVP so will have a better idea for what to buy.

2.) What’s a party without music? Go ahead and set up a playlist now so you can keep rockin without stoppin.

3.) Follow up with any guest that has yet to RSVP.

2 Days Before

1.) Make sure your silverware and tableware are clean. If your renting, no worries.

2.) Time to pick up any last minute grocery items.

THE Day Before

1.) If you have neighbors, be courteous and let them know there will be a lot of cars outside any some may possible park in front of their house. Wouldn’t you want to be informed if you we’re going to possibly have trouble getting in and out of your driveway?

2.) Prepare any food that can stay refrigerated and fresh, such as fruits, vegetable, beverages, and salads.

3.) Make sure the area of the party is nice, clean, and comfortable.

THE Day Of: 2 Hours Before

1.) Set tables or if you have hired a catering staff, step back and let them get to work. 🙂

2.) Check twice to make sure everything you planned is in place.

3.) Relax and breathe! Everything is going to be great!